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Sweetie & Roo | Blog Feature

Recently, Weston's Nursery was chosen to be embellished with one of Sweetie & Roo's personalized
art pieces!

Now that our little guy is over a year old, the itch is happening for me to start changing out pieces in his adorable nursery!

When I first found out I was pregnant, we found one piece and centered the entire nursery around it.

Our theme is vintage travel (currently) + you can view and read all about the details of most of it here : Weston's Nursery | as seen on PINTEREST

Sweet & Roo makes customized art pieces in a variety of different themes and Lindsay could probably design up anything your heart and mind could imagine.

Our particular piece has W's name + birthdate flying off of a soaring plane.

If you're looking for art to display in your home or even searching for a personalized gift, Sweetie & Roo is the place to go :)

[I cannot be the only  mama who bribes her little monsters with suckers??]

For more information in Weston's Nursery/photos as well as marketing and rep photos please visit my Photography Blog | TheCapturedBlog.com

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  1. How did you hang the wooden letters vertically?