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When Kendra + I stumbled upon each other in a social media group (that magically brings bloggers + shop owners together) it was totally meant to be.

Even though we live a whole day's drive away from our home state, we will always be Michiganians or Michiganders... depending on who you ask.

Growing up in the Great Lake State, naturally we spent more time swimming in fresh water lakes then most (non mitten residents) may in a lifetime. The newest "Lake Life" raglan, River Babe Threads has debuted totally caught our attention, too!

                                                                                                   Every Michigan resident knows it can be 90* one day & 32* the next, making this particular style of tee a total staple; it's light enough to wear on a hot day and warm enough to layer up in the evening as you watch the sunset around a campfire! Besides, who doesn't love a cozy soft shirt to wear in over the summer?

Seriously.. those teeth | SWOON!

Be sure to head over to River Babe Threads
or check the shop out on instagram | @riverbabethreads 

As always, here in Dunphyland, we're huge supporters of small businesses as well as Local Shops & although we may not be physically local to the Mitten right now, we still share mitten love!

Accessories :
Sandals | (both kids) Saltwaters
Shorts | (Gap)
hat | Target
Headband | Vera Bradley
Tiny Wooden Plane | Michigan Mill Works

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