Hey Hey - Baby's on the Way.

Maybe it's because we live so far away from everyone in our "bubble" that keeping secrets has been easier for us, than most.

But, we are super excited to let everyone in on our BEST news this year..
We're expecting a sweet sweet baby this winter!

Even more specific - we're considering postponing Christmas (only kidding!), as Emma is already a Christmas Eve child, being due December 30th - and having a birthday myself in early December makes things kinda crazy in our house!

We recently sent out a few announcements to some close family/friends - I wasn't kidding when I meant we keep things on lock down in our bubble.

I know we live in Oklahoma, but can you believe that this was less than a mile from our cute little home? Talk about middle of nowhere America.

(yes, even Emma's School is on a dirt road)

Just because we weren't publicly broadcasting our little grower - doesn't mean we weren't documenting. :)

Even Daddy got in on it - and if you know me, you know that I'm hoarding these photos to take one JUST like it of baby in Daddy's hands once he or she arrives :)

As we're so far away - and not coming home until after the arrival of our sweet little bean, (and been asked repeatedly if we're having a shower/sprinkle)we fully hope to have a Meet & Greet at some point with all of you, we created a little registry to keep personal track of the things we are still collecting for baby.. feel free to check it out @ Target.com (under Joshua Dunphy)

Lastly - we've not & don't plan to find out the gender of our little miracle.. We figure we went through so much to simply have him or her - that boy or girl, we're so excited & hope you are too!



  1. You are truly an amazing couple and I couldn't be happier for your family of 3 becoming 4 well. . . plus all the animals!!!! Love you so much always and forever!!!
    Karen D

  2. This is so amazing Jes! I'm so happy for you guys and absolutely LOVE this idea! :) CONGRATS!