Baby Moon-ing at the Beach

It's becoming growingly popular (and absolutely fabulous) to take a "baby moon";
like a honey moon, it's a vacation prior to the birth of your newest family member.

So, I made one simple request, the beach.

Being recently stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC - we were used to having easy access to the ocean
.. and would often just drive to the beach for the afternoon or weekend.

Here in Oklahoma, we are not as fortunate however. It took some planning & a few days of school missed for our E, but we drove the 8-9 hours to Galveston, TX,
then relaxed in an awesome condo for the weekend.

We loved the condo SO much. it was JUST enough space for us -  living room, kitchen, master
 bedroom & two bunk beds. We most definitely look forward to renting it out again!

we spent a majority of our time in the sand.. and waves  :)

Or at the pool.. I read an entire book pacing in the water.. gotta stay fit while pregnant :)

Even at night, we ventured back to the beach (considering we were ocean side anyway) to watch the waves crash into the pier.

with great eats, fun treats & an amazing view... I cannot wait to take our sweet baby to the beach, too!


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