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Little Bear Shirt + SailEastCouture Arrow Moccs

Ok, as if you haven't seen enough + been on overload of my sweet kids lately. Here's a few more of Westie ( + Me!!!!) eeek! I can say I'm rarely EVER in front of the camera.. it's like pulling teeth for me.. but I'm trying to get there - I like being behind the camera, making the magic happen!

Nonetheless,  a while back, in instragram world I clicked upon SailEastCouture + ordered W some adorable little black moccs that have arrows embroidered on them.. I was in LOVE. I'm minority (or majorly) obsessed with black & white geometric and earthy prints right now.. everything from triangles to feathers.. I have to have it all!

well, being the good follower I am, when Candice from SailEastCouture posted these adorable Mama Bear + Little Bear shirts, I KNEW we had to have them!

She's now taking orders for comfy sweatshirts as well.. hello, We need that for fall, right??

Sweet Emma was a little sad.. she claims she needs a "Emmie bear" and daddy a "papa bear" shirt.. maybe there's a custom order in our future!

I urge you to go check out SailEast via Instagram @saileastcouture or her gently used re-sale shop @easternsailshop for some super fun deals for your super sweet litttles!

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