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I've skipped a few Holidays.. + I promise to back track because we've had some super fun ones.. but I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

With two kids having near-the-holiday birthdays, life is pure chaos anyways for us from October - January.. and I usually end up doing my Holiday shopping mid-summer then hiding all the gifts in various closets, bins + drawers… which leads to me reorganizing all those spots every year when I cannot find the gifts I hid..

We're spending the rest of our day with some friends that have most definitely turned into family here in Oklahoma, I couldn't imagine life any different. It will be so very hard when/if we ever leave this great state!

We didn't go over board with the kids, but I really did try to pick them out things this year I knew they'd like and want vs just gifts that I wanted them to have… which we're probably all a little guilty of from time to time.

Emma requested on item, a "puppy surprise" which really spoke to my 7 year old heart, and was apparently a HOT items his year, so we had to track down a specific dalmation one online… the ONE item we paid nearly dbl for.. woo-sah!

What was the MUST HAVE on your children's christmas list?

It was also a very Frozen holiday for us… I must admit I won't be sad when this movie frenzy has ended.. Please Disney, I'm pleading with you, create another movie QUICK! Until then, we're loading up on Elsa Dolls + Anna Jackets!

Do you wanna build a snowman?

[You're welcome.. I know the song is stuck in your head now!]

 Josh was so pumped to open W's gifts ;)

W woke up this morning with another tooth coming in + just isn't quite feeling himself.. which broke my heart, I thought for sure this morning would be a favorite for him.. as he LOVES ripping up paper! I'm now crossing my fingers he feels better in time for his birthday, and doesn't get worse as we head to Nashville tomorrow.

The top of my list for him, was a striped canvas teepee, and I scored a major deal on one for him.. I also imagine it will show up in many of photoshoots this spring!

Effie was also outfited in some new fashion wear this holiday season! She has a matching cheer warmup suit + hair bow with Ems.. and an Elsa dress.. lord help us.. this doll is E's vintage 1969 18' doll (similar to an american girl) that I couldn't pass up on ebay a few years back. It's one of the only dolls that E has held onto over the year + still loves matching outfits with.. I had high hopes she would love Barbie's, but have since let that dream go… Maybe one day Ill have another girl I can share my Barbie collection with?!

Recently, we had some holiday themed photos taken by a GREAT friend of mine Stacy | Stacy Bando Photography + were secretly hoarding them to share today!! I'm so fortunate to have amazing friends who happen to be photographers, too! I LOVED dressing up in our holiday wear, and enjoying the good ole Oklahoma wind ;)

Have a FABULOUS holiday with your friends/family + good luck in the New Year y'all! -

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