Fledge Feet | Feature Post

Fledge Feet | Shoes for littles | Feature Post

As a consumer of EVERYTHING baby/kid – it’s important (to me) that I put quality products on my littles from head to toe.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m ALL for a good deal on every day products too, but I have ALWAYS had the mind set that I’d rather have 5 GREAT pieces than 15 crummy ones, regardless of what the price of the piece was.

That being said, we were honored to give Fledge Feet a trial run (did'ya read what I did there??). Callie, the designer behind the adorable shoes is one of the sweetest mamas out there, offering quality shoes for little feet at a great price (starting at just $27).

Fledge Feet produces hand made shoes, that allow you to chose a pattern print for the inside and solid fabric for the outside so that your shoes are entirely customized for your tiny stomper.

The shoes have a hidden elastic ankle band that enables them to slide on easily and stay securely. Bonus: the fun flaps can be worn up, like a boot, or down to show the unique pattern – HELLO who doesn’t love versatility?!

From day one, Ive stuffed our fat foot baby into every adorable sneaker, slipper, moccasin & flop I could get my hands on (and his chubby ankles in) even though some wonder why non walkers “need “ shoes…. I can confidently say “umm because they’re adorable”.

And truthfully, I’m a firm believer in the theory that if you put shoes, hats, sunglasses etc on them as tiney-tiny babies they wont fight you to keep them on later ;)

We took a few days, paired the tiny kicks with some of our favorite ensembles and gave them a go .. these are a few outfits we LOVED matched up with with the onyx & ebony pattern|nutmeg Fledge Feet shoes:

If you follow me on instagram, you may have already saw a few of these outfit combos and even a sneak peak of Weston rocking his fledgies (I’m not sure if we coined that nickname – but I’m rolling with it)! Search #whatwestonwore and you'll see from my personal account @jescatebrown as well as my photography sample account @capturedbyjes some more outfits we adore.

As an entrepreneur myself, Im a total supporter of small businesses, hand made shops & childrens boutiques that offer clothing & accessories that are often one of a kind, and unique in some way. Living in small town USA, we’re super limited to local box stores offering generic clothing & I couldn’t be happier that shops like Fledge Feet offer products for me to outfit my kids in without charging an arm and a leg for product (or shipping).

This is one of my favorite shots of #westonknox rocking his fledge feet… Please head over to www.fledgefeet.com & get your little their own customized pair of Fledge Feet hightops!

Xo- Jes

Shoes | Fledge Feet
Man of the House & Stripe Onsie | Old Navy
Long Sleeve Penguin Shirt | Cheekychickadee @cheekychickadeestore [Instagram]
Shorts | WeeApparel @weeapparel [instagram]
Teal Hat | Gymboree

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