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It's just been nearly TOO hot to do much of anything.. and while out over the weekend, my girl spotted the ripest looking watermelon just waiting to be sliced. So after nearly chopping my thumb off, I brought little W outside for his first taste.

I'm not sure if he was a fan of the sweet flavor or not.. he had some serious mixed emotions going on.. but he did LOVE gnawing on it.

In fact, if you've got a teething little at home.. chill some watermelon in the fridge & slice it up for them. Best.Idea.Ever.

Then drag them outside to take their photo ;)

His sweet little toes were about the only thing without strawberry drippings on them!

Maybe I like this?

No.. maybe not!

Emmie will eat any fruit ever - noquestionsasked - but I think poor W still has some convincing to do.

+ of course, a dbl bath was needed after all the stickiness!

What's your fruit of choice?

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