Augie + Lola | Feature Post

  Augie + Lola | Feature Post

So it’s that time of year.. nearly the best season of all..
If you’re a parent of a school age child then you know – back to school is a holiday to be celebrated.

Every evening when thinking for the day ahead, wondering what I can prep so the rush isn’t AS bad at 630 am, I come up with all these aspirations for some great lunch snacks that will WOW my kid.. (to be entirely honest, she’s totally wow’d with a snack pack + some goldfish) so we usually just toss a lunchable in her box + call it a day.

Well this year.. I at least wanted to TRY for some more variety, maybe a few more fruits and baked crackers and a few less prepackaged snack bags..

So, in the middle of a move, wedding season and a vacation I came across some of the neatest little reusable snack bags EVER..  it made me think.. why am I WASTEING money every day on bags that we just toss + end up in landfills?

As a mom, what I love most about these reuseable bags is the fact they zip tightly and wipe clean easily.

What sweet E loves most about them (obviously) is the cute fabric patterns Augie + Lola offer to choose from.

We’ve crammed everything from crackers to fruit in these adorable pouches without worry of a spill!

For a limited time, Augie + Lola is offering YOU a sweet discount!

Head over to and use the code BLOG10 to score your kids (+ hey even yourself) some eco-loving, snack bags! While youre there check out the rest of the super fun products & let me know what you think!

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