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I'm not sure about everyone else, but I really felt like summer flew by here in Oklahoma. Granted it's still over 100* every day + the fact that we go back to school WEEKS before my friends (seemingly) everywhere else in the country may play a big part. But, it's just not fair ( to her lol)!

It's a total signpost when the pools stop opening early in the morning + the Starbucks line is increasingly long.

I feel like Em has grown SO much over summer.. mostly because her clothes suddenly became too small.. maybe less sudden and more because she lived in a swim suit or cheer clothes for 3 months.. but dang.. stop growing child!

Emma's first day of First Grade

Her fashion sense amazes me.. + I wish I dressed half as well as these two ;)

This school year, because we moved recently across town, we have to drive Emmie back and forth to everyday, so that means early mornings for W + much needed trips to for caffeine (for mama and an empty cup for westie) :)

It's a big deal for military kids, to get to attend the same school multiple years in a row, because their often uprooted every other year or so to a new city, Emma was more than excited to keep her little red shoes planted!


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