Fun | Oklahoma Style

Over the holiday weekend, we attended a small town Rattlesnake festival. 
It was here you could by skins, cooked snakes & even pet the not-so-friendly beasts.
Mostly, we went for the (good) food & rides!

We've became great friends with Emma's BBF @ School & their family.. so there was a nice group of us - pushing babies around & enjoying the sites!

 - I remember these rides as a kid & how "cool" they were!

I feel so fortunate I could capture these memories for E to have in the future - wherever that may be!

| i. love. them |

W was such a trooper - although the screeching rides got to him at the end!

(I stole this shot from you ASG)

| Our girls |

I cannot WAIT to go to the Texas State Fair!


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