Home is JUST over that Mountain.

Well per the army way.. nothing ever goes as planned.. but it goes the way it was supposed to.

We intended to live on Post again, we like being close to everything & with any city there are rough areas -- that we weren't too sure about. 

But, unfortunately waiting months in an hotel - wasn't in the cards for us -- lol because we're not gluten for punishment.

So in two VERY STRESSFUL days of dealing with realtors we found a neighborhood we loved then a house in it that fit us perfectly.

We've spent the past 3 weeks trying to get everything together... and make it home again..

& the cats have entirely made themselves comfortable...

Seriously, how cute are they??

& as much as I would have been entirely content continuing to home school our Emmy, we happened to be zoned for the BEST school district/elementary in our area & she wanted to go..

The Bus driver/Principal ( I know how funny, right) picks up each kid at their house.. and then drops them off in the afternoon -- Did I mention it's a super small school?

She seems to be doing good in her new school.. aside from the early morning wake-up calls :)

& she LOVES getting dressed daily with a purpose. lol that's my girl!

I will soon share more photos of our new home.. as we get it just the way we like it.. 
stay tuned :)

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