The End of an Era

So it began, the packing.. it was very not endless however. it was quite quick & painless.
Considering movers came and took care of it all.

One day they packed (mostly)everything & then two days of living in a Box maze with one pot and pan the actual movers came and hustled to get everything out of our house before we had to be inspected.. talk about watching Josh be nervous & sweat it out.. lol

Our zoo were definitely fans of the empty house.. ours & Emmas ;)

They were not however, fans of being caged.. poor babies.

Our last look at our little home :)

We decided to make the best of our trek across the country & stopped along the way..

This was our Cabin-like room in Pigeon Forge!

We took Emma to the Dollyworld Waterpark too.. but decided to go unplugged for the day :)

Across from our hotel was an intense go-cart ride.. and emma tried her hand at driving.. needless to say the track race ended in tears and getting out early.. bahah

We checked out nearby cities & ran into more mitten friends.. that I somehow managed to not get photos with.. You'd think I'd be more on top of it.. but we were a little overwhelmed mid-move :)

another stop on our trip brought us to Nashville, where we had lunch with Miss Jennefer -  & then hurried on to Memphis.

You mean this isn't how ALL people travel across the country -- he loves this kitten. 
dont let him deny it.

it Seemingly took FOREVER..

And i'm sure the people behind us thought we were crazy people driving with animals everywhere..

It's pretty insane driving across the country, hoping your things will meet you there.. safely. and even more crazy doing it with a car full of kitty cats & a rat.. we apparently like crazy :D

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