Oh Baby!

Despite Daddy Dunphy's NEED to be on-time obsession, 
our little bean was in no rush to come out of his bubble.

Like with E, I prepared for my due date,
 it neared, it came & it went.

So, I was given a date to be induced... talk about anxiety.
I thought waiting for baby to come was bad - 
no, being given a time to waddle into the hospital makes life get chaotic. 
All of a sudden I had TONS to do and not enough time to do it..

W's Birth Story:
I will be as brief as possible, as it was painful enough to endure the first time. ;)

I went into the Labor & Delivery Department on Fort Sill at 7 am on January 2.
 After checking in, changing, seeing nurses & doctors and getting settled into a room, 
I was finally hooked up to labor inducing drugs by 10:30.
 Hours upon hours passed with zilch in the progression area 
(although I wasn't starting from the bottom.. I had progressed since the beginning of my final month).

(I didn't take any pain relief drugs for the LONGEST time.. and josh enjoyed watching my pain on the contraction-o-meter)

Around 4:30, once my OB got finished with his normal day shift, he came in & broke my water. 
Prior to that my epidural failed & then only worked on half my body, 
even with someadjustments, I still ended up with a Hot Spot.. worst. thing. ever.

From 5:30-7:06 pm I was in the most ridiculous pain I'd ever experienced - no joke. 
And then as quick as it came I was handed an adorable LARGE baby boy!

{W will always be a miracle baby.. I unknowingly had more than average fluid for him to float in, causing him at some point to do a loop and have a true umbilical knot.. 
that thankfully wasn't ever pulled tightly}

(regardless of blur, this is the very first photo I ever took of baby W - so sweet)

Such a happy daddy!

We introduced our sweet boy (via social media) the next day..
 and took the first night to just enjoy and share our newest little love
 with close family & friends.

E, who'd been staying with friends got to meet her new baby brother the following afternoon as well!

Note their matching bows (that was transformed into a bow-tie for W)
love these two!

I didn't take TONS of photos of W at the Hospital as it was a very 
"living in the moment" experience as well..
 but these are a few I did manage to snap before we headed home.

Mr. W's first car ride.

heart breakers right there :)


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