A Happy Halloween

Every year we encourage (and create) costumes for halloween that are not the standard.
 I'm sure with enough begging we would have no problem buying some princess costume 
or wacky character for our Emma. 
But, our sweet girl loves portraying women that matter..

Over the years she's been Lady Gaga,

as well as the iconic Audrey Hepburn

& this year,  she dressed up as none other than 
Rosie the Riveter.

The saddest thing every year is when someone askes her 
"who are you supposed to be?"
The year of GaGa, she was questioned if she was a 
jersey shore D List Celebrity, 
and mistaken for a "toddler & tiara" reality show brat the year of Audrey.
This year, she blasted who she was before people had the
 opportunity to confuse her as anyone else.

Not knowing tons of people here in Oklahoma, we went to a 
trunk or treat on post so she could interact with kids her age.

{Our sweet new boo was along for the ride, too}

& on Halloween when we all went out,we decided to dress up as well..
as an iconic royal couple...

{Thanks Em, for using the big girl camera}

I even pushed around my British Silver Cross Pram - to hold all the treats for the evening :)

I'm not sure how many more photos of just our family of 3 we will get. 

{Photo courtesy of our camera timer}

Prior to Halloween,we did take E for some pumpkin fun 
- although the "patches" here are no where NEAR as cool as the ones in the mitten
.. le sigh.

{and last  but not least, a little glimpse from E's Class halloween party}

Hope your Halloween was less Spooky & more happy like ours :)


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