with the beat of two hearts..

Once josh was transferred from Oklahoma to North Carolina, I think things began to change for us,  we decided that we weren't sure why we were fighting it anymore... 

after Emma and I went to Disney World in April, Josh came home to Michigan to see us and his family.. Which entirely confirmed everything we had been thinking.. That this totally was meant for us.. This was our future.

However, at this point we were living 700 miles apart and it was so hard... And we knew that there was a possiblity that he could get deployed in the fall. So our thought was.. We will suffer through the next year and then figure out how things are when he returns..

Well that thought line lasted about a month or so, and then it just came down to the fact that being apart sucked - bottom line.

So, we said, what are we waiting for, let's just go for it - and 6 weeks later josh came (back) up with a beautiful ring in hand and swept Emma and I away to NC.

...lol just magically like that ;)

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