A box (or 38) of love

If you think packing to move to college in another city or your first apt is hard, imagine moving across the county and knowing you wouldn't know anyone...

The day after we'd made the decision and I started telling my family and friends, I started buying boxes and packing things I knew I wouldn't need for the next month..( I was nearly barricaded into my room in just a matter of days)..I also was fortunate enough to sell & donate things I knew I wouldn't need anymore -- since a sunny & warm climate was in my future :)

Somehow even when Josh arrived - I still hadn't packed all my stuff.. I have a lot of stuff.. Lol

So moving day was full of tears and sweat, and well, rushing!

We decided it would be less stressful (and fun - what WERE we thinkig) to all ride *crammed* together in the cab of the U-haul truck and pull the car behind us.. Well I can attest to the fact that being jammed between Emma in her carseat and Josh (& all his Monster drinks) was not ideal ;) - but somehow it was perfect... I was headed -to our- home.

We stopped about halfway, got a few hours of sleep and then trucked along the next morning to Fayetteville :)

Of course, my luck - it started pouring the moment we got in, which made unloading nearly impossible.. I'll never forget Josh and I trying to carry up my huge mattresses in the rain.. Because "I had to have somewhere to sleep"

We only had a few days to relax (& unpack) before Josh had to suit up and go back to work.. So I was left organizing all my/the junk and decorating the apartment. (and of COURSE digging out our bathing suits for pool & beach time)

Knowing we only had 3 months until josh was going to leave, we were trying to make the best of our time together as a family.

(the way of life now ;)

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