Girls of Summer | Daydream Believers Spotlight

Recently, I photographed our Sweet Daughter + her bestie in one of our favorite handmade shop's newest designs. I'm a lover of ALL things handmade - there's just something about a piece that you know someone spent time designing, cutting, sewing and pouring themselves into. I've been lucky enough to photograph for this specific boutique for almost 6 years + I'm so glad she continues to design outfits my kids love.

Michelle, from Daydream Believers Designs was probably our first introduction to handmade clothing when our sweet e was just 2! That's right, Emma was part of the #originaltutucrew. They started the revolution of little girls wearing fluffy tutu's with their everyday outfits - that's now become a right of passage for every mom with a girl.

This particular outfit features a Peter Pan collar halter top + comfy high waist shorts. I mean, who doesn't LOVE Peter Pan collars? I feel like I'm mentally designing 2016's halloween costume around Neverland ;)

Nonetheless, If you're in the market for some handmade, designed with love duds for your little belle or beau - head on over and check out DBD :)

to see more, please feel compelled to visit my photog blog ;)

shoes - Joyfolie
photog - Captured by Jes (ME)

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