Summer Lovin' - Gone so fast

A normal North Carolina Summer is miserably hot from sunup until sunrise..
This summer however, just wasn't that - it was unseasonable "cool" like 85 & 90 instead of 100 lol.

We spent afternoons by our little blow up pool

and most mornings at the community pool..

((See our future lifeguard))

Where we were often the ONLY people there...

We were able to introduce Emma to Rollerrink birthday parties - which were a norm for our generation... & we couldnt believe the kids today that had NO idea how to skate.. lol

Saying good bye is the way of life in the Army.. and between Texas, Pennsylvania & Oklahoma.. we all were sadly split up.

Before we left Fort Bragg, we were able to attend one final 82nd Airborne Ball :)

dressing up - prom style isn't something you'll think you'll ever do again after highschool.. well - welcome to the Military, where annual parties are a must..

I cant believe how quickly the entire summer flew by... It didnt help that every other weekend I was traveling to Michigan for Summer Weddings.. ahh the life ;)

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