The Newest Dunphy

On our most recent trip to the mitten, we brought home a new baby..
and by baby, I mean Puppy! lol

Everyone (not on facebook), meet Lady Minerva aka "Mini" :)
Mini is a pure bread merlequin Great Dane... she was only 7 weeks old when we brought her on the 700 mile journey from Michigan to NC, but did really well in the car!

Of course we still have our other babies; Fiona our Snowshoe Siamese,

Cher Bear our 6 year old rescue,

Grover(tonsonville) our Rag-a-muffin-fuzzy-bunny

AND Remy-kins, Emmy's pet Fancy Rat.. yep, Rat ;D

Currently, the puppy sleeps a lot, and allows Emma to walk her.. but as she's doubled in size since we brought her home, we know very soon Mini will be walking Emmy :)

 xo- The Dunphy's

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