Preparing for Change.

Within the next two weeks, we're moving from off-post to on.
After going rounds with housing & our apartment & even transportation our time on the "waitlist" has officially ended :D

Those who I frequently gush to, know that I'm more than ecstatic, because our little dwelling is so sweet. (I Promise more photos will come with time).

Its actually quite a strange experience; not packing. At some point in our life, we've all been there -- cataloging our things into boxes -fighting with packaging tape and then of course rushing the day the truck rolls up because you somehow managed to forget a whole closet of junk and throw every last piece of it into a garbage bag.

For us, the army is covering this move.. So instead of packing.. i'm just kinda vegging out. I've gone through and sorted out a few things - because no one wants to move trash to a new home. As for the rest,  ( the non breakables) will be handled by a bunch of movers! It's pretty crazy, right?

I'm looking forward to getting things all perfect & set up before Josh gets back, and time is beginning to really tick by.

- xo

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