Let's Go Back..

Back to the beginning..
Ever taken a class you didn't need, or road the bus longer than you were supposed to? Or perhaps you've taken the long way across campus or stopped into a store you wouldn't normally patronize. It's the random things we do, that sometimes we can't explain or even realize we did them, and they end up being something more.

Well that's how our story begins.. I took an athrolopolgy class a semester after I had Miss Emma simply by chance, not because I needed it, but because we've all taken classes we didnt necessarily need to be full time or fill our time slot.

Then have you ever said "hi" to a stranger because they simply wore a hat or shirt or jacket that you liked or associated with something else? And then slowly, but surely those little greetings turn in full fledged conversations that are developed on everything but athrolopolgy, the bus route, or the random store you wished you'd found years ago.

And before you know it, you've made a friend, someone that makes your foreign teachers bad hair day something to muse about with, someone you didn't mind bumping into and someone that made the reason you attended class on the snowy days when you wanted nothing more than to crawl back in bed, worth while.

It's these tiny occurrences that happen without reasoning or expectation, that had you known in hind site bias, you would have spent more time documenting or enjoying each little moment to its fullest.

Had someone told me a year ago, my life - Our Life - would have dramatically changed so wonderfully in such a short time, I would have called them fools. I could have never imagined that everything I never even knew I wanted would be mine.(Im quite the lucky duck)

So, in a tiny classroom on the bottom floor of an old building in Detroit, we met & 3 years later we are married and following our dreams. (don't worry, all the inbetweens will unravel in time as well).

But just know that looking back I think a part of me always knew..

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